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My Bed Is a Race car! Hazy IPA

A fruity, juicy and creamy IPA bursting with notes of overripe pineapple and mango. This IPA combienes wheat and oats with a copious amount of citra hops. Double dry hopped for your enjoyment.

6.5% 40 IBU

BeerGaarden American Wheat Ale


“I’m in the Beer Garden crushing this ultra smooth Wheat Ale, where are you”? It’s light, crushable, and has a slight fruity aroma. “ I AM IN THE BEER GARDEN!!”

5% ABV 20 IBU


Leisure Class Belgian Amber Ale

“With its ardennes yeast creating a Belgium phenolic character, this Belgium amber ale has herbal and sweet spicy notes combined with a slight hint of plum. The trust fund of beers.

4.5% 15IBU



On Paddy's last brew he said he wanted to make it count, and oh boy he did. There is an undeniably huge amount of Vic Secret and Equinox hops in this beer. Expect some big citrus and pine flavour up front that turn into some tropical flavours on the backend! “Bon-voyage’ Paddy!”

6.5% ABV 80 IBU


It's No Game Hazy IPA

Smelling this beer is like dipping your nose into a bucket full of ripe Peaches, tangerines and tropical fruit. Take your nose out of the bucket then press your lips to the glass. It has a creamy and smooth mouthfeel that fades into a crisp and clean finish. Close your eyes and think about your favorite people, things and space ideas, then take a sip of It’s No Game.

6.5% 45 IBU

Hallo Spaceboy

BLAST OFF YOUR TASTE BUDS! Light citrusy nose and a sparky mouthfeel. It’s tart with hints of citrus fruits and fresh dewy grass. This beer sends your tongue into orbit

5% ABV 22 IBU


I saw what I saw! It’s hard to believe how easy drinking this medium bodied Brown Ale is. This beer features Sasquatch hops, Canada's first patented native hop that is grown in Pemberton Valley, the profile presents spicy, citrusy and fruity esters that shines through with the chocolate and caramel notes from the malt. “I Swear, I Saw What I Saw”  

5%% 35IBU


It’s time for a SUPER CELEBRATION! This Tart IPA is hopped with a maniacal amount of Galaxy hops that gives it a distinct pineapple flavour! This recipe was designed for CELEBRATION!!!



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